About Us

Global is a company that focuses on the design and manufacturing of direct-fit aftermarket replacement catalytic converters.
With a dedicated team with more than 25 years average experience in design and manufacturing of Original and replacement exhaust and catalytic converters.
Global currently has customers in Canada and the USA where all products produced comply with the North American ARB emissions standards.

Global always start the design process with an original replacement part supplied by the dealer.
All parts are measured with high quality measuring equipment prior to the start of the reverse engineering process from where a production fixture is made.
This same data is then also used to check and measure the first off part produced in production to ensure that the part works for fit and function to the standard of the original part.
All components are separately drafted using Autodesk Inventor drafting suite. Any part where all components are available can be in stock within 3 days from start of design to completion of finished good being in stock. This will also include the production fixture for future production.

Global uses 409 Stainless Steel in the manufacturing process for all pipes and tubular connectors.
All components are purchased from reputable suppliers in Canada China and the USA.
All welding is done with stainless steel welding wire in the manufacturing process to ensure a high-quality product.
Applying Lean and 5S principles in production ensures that we can run batch sizes as small as 5 parts up to as many as is required.
All equipment used in our production facility is top of the range equipment with full network capability to communicate with the measuring equipment to ensure accurate parts being produced.
Global has the ability to produce, Compression bend tube with or without wrinkles and Mandrel-bent tubes. Our current range of bending capability is from as small as 1.25” tube up to 3” tube.
During the manufacturing, all parts produced and fitted in the production jig during the manufacturing process (bending and welding) to ensure that the part always fit.